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Image by Nastya Kvokka

Ways To Help

We're always looking for help at Camp John Paul II! If you would like to donate building supplies, tools, or your time email us below.

Things We Need

Landscape tools

 Gas leaf blowers, gas weed eaters, rakes, shovels, chainsaws, tree trimmers, and all types of gas yard tools. Our location is remote and requires extensive upkeep that can only be done with gas power tools.


We need food grade tables made of stainless steel, flat grills, and wood smoker.

Painting Supplies 

We need rollers, drop cloths, paint brushes, and white paint. If you have any time to help us freshen up the camp we could use the help. 

Dirt Bike

We are looking for a reliable dirt bike for traveling throughout the camp.

Building Materials

We need a variety of building products for the camp. Lumber is high on the list for this summer. If you have 2x4, 2x6, 2x8, or 3/4 plywood you would like to donate please contact us by phone or email.

Outdoor Recreation 

If you have canoes,  equipment, or anything you think we could use give us a call.


If you would like to come spend some time helping please email or call Camp John Paul II for volunteer opportunities.

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